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Bamileke Bamun Stool Cameroon African 12 Inch

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Title Bamileke Bamun Stool Cameroon African 12 Inch
Type of Object Stool, seat, chair
Country of Origin Cameroon
People Bamileke, Bamun or Wum
Materials Wood
Approximate Age 20th century
Dimensions Height: 12 Inches
Width: 14 Inches
Depth: 12 Inches
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair cracks at top and in base, scratches, chip damage on bottom

Additional Information: This wonderfully carved stool supported with strong structure in the center comes from the Cameroon Grasslands region. 

Cameroon is a large country with mountainous terrain, broad savannas and grasslands where a number of centralized kingdoms or chiefdoms have developed each with distinctive individual art traditions while sharing common religious beliefs, political structures and social institutions. Grasslands art serves to indicate social status and rank with the most prestigious imagery and material reserved for the king (Fon) and other nobility diminishing in importance as one moves downwards in rank at court. Certain artists and artisans working close by the palace serve the king working in materials and symbols reserved exclusively for him. Ranging from royal regalia of high prestige to objects of everyday usage most were embellished with either simple designs or complex imagery including human and animal images symbolically identified with kingship.

This stool could well deserve a place in any collection. Today, such as stool can also be used as a nice low table.

Recommended Reading: R. Lecoq: Les Bamiléké: Une Civilisation africaine (Paris, 1953) P. Gebauer: Art of Cameroon with a Catalog of the Gebauer Collection of Cameroon Art at the Portland Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Portland and New York, 1979) T. Northern: The Art of Cameroon (Washington, DC, 1984)