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Baule Female Figure Cote D'Ivoire African Art

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Title Baule Female Figure Cote D'Ivoire African Art
Type of Object ancestor Figure
Country of Origin Cote d'Ivoire
People Baule
Materials Wood, pigment, Cloth
Approximate Age 20th century
Dimensions 12.5 inches H. x 2.75 inches W.
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair crack in the back , oiled stain in base

Additional Information:


This well used female figure with body covered with encrusted patina comes from the Baule people of Ivory Coast well known for the quality and detail of their carving. This figure belongs to the category of Asie Usu spirits. Though representing bush spirits the asie usu are shown as wild spirits in beautiful bodies. These figures were used by trance diviners known as komien and were kept in a shrine in the diviner’s house where the spirit of the bush could inhabit or metaphorically ‘sit’ on the figure. In addition to the idealized beauty of this figure other shrine objects are not carved and may be simple daubs of clay or pans filled with magical substances or roughly shaped figures. Diviners will perform in public where the spirit will possess them or will advise clients in private close by their shrine.

Recommended reading:

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