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Ewe Stripwoven Cotton Textile Ghana African Art

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Title Ewe Stripwoven Cotton Textile Ghana Africa
Type of Object textile, cloth
Country of Origin Ghana or Togo
People Ewe
Materials Cotton
Approximate Age 20th century
Dimensions 79 by 120 inches
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair tears at seams, holeĀ 

We do not recommend laundering textiles, and do not accept returns of textiles which have been laundered in any manner.  Even dry cleaning is too much for some of these antique textiles.  For some of them, a very gentle HAND washing  (NEVER MACHINE, on any setting)  in cool water with a very gentle detergent works, but even then, dyes may not be colorfast, and fabric may be less strong than it appears.

Additional Information: A wonderful  cloth of handspun, stripwoven cotton with a background of supplementary warp float weave, made by the Ewe people.

The Ewe people, who live in Ghana and Togo, have textiles similar to the kente of their neighboring Asante, but they are woven of cotton, and are generally more muted. Also, among the Ewe weaving an sewing are done by men. Like for the Asante Kente cloth, the Ewe cloth has various patterns and each of them has its own specific meaning. Because elaborate motifs are reserved for chiefs and elders, most of the motifs reproduced on the Ewe cloth are related to the chieftaincy and each has a proverbial meanings. Among the Ewe cotton cloth with this specific pattern is called Adanudo and was worn by men.

See examples of the same type of textiles Dunkan Clrke. The Art of African Textile. pp.74-75

Recommended Reading:
Dunkan Clrke. 1997, The Art of African Textile.Thunder Bay Press