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Kulango Female Ivory Coast Stand 31 Inch African Art

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Title Kulango Female Ivory Coast Stand 31 Inch African Art
Type of Object SCulpture
Country of Origin Ivory Coast
People Kulango
Materials Wood,pigment
Approximate Age second half 20th Century
Dimensions 31 Inches. Base is 6 x 6 inches
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair Chips in places (hairstyle, ears)

Additional Information: This standing female figure has special sculptural composition with its spherical head enhanced by the elaborate coiffure and a stylized neck in relief to the back. It has an encrusted brown dark patina. Markings are seen on the face, the chest, around the navel, on the legs, and the back. This is a work from the Kulango people. The long and curved neck,  the elongated body are stylistically very close to the figures from the Kulango people. The Kulango are a poorly documented culture and the use and function of such figures are unclear. The figures are usually identified as Baule, Bete,  or other groups in Lagoon region.    

The Kulango today live in an area of transition between Mali and the Akan cultures of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. They came to this area from the north and as a result of contact primarily with the Asante, gradually through time picking up local cultural traits so that they can be considered to have been "Akanized." Kulango sculpture shares influences from their neighbors to the east--the Senufo--and the Baule from the coastal area.Through time Baule sculptural elements have become more dominant, for example the hairstyle presents some similarities with that of the Baule but the neck, the proportions and scarification patterns are typical of the Kulango.

Recommended Reading:

For similar examples, and more information, see ART OF AFRICA by Kerchache et al.

I examined this piece and agree with the description
Niangi Batulukisi, PhD.