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Pende Chief's Beaded Crown Misango African Art

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Title Pende Chief's Beaded Crown Misango African Art
Type of Object Crown, headdress, beadwork
Country of Origin DR Congo
People Pende people, see also Yaka
Materials Beads, vegetal fibers
Approximate Age second half 20th Century
Dimensions 7 inches inner Diam x5.5 inches H.
Overall Condition poor. Most of our pieces have spent decades on at least two continents, and have been treasured by several owners.   Small splits, scrapes and cracks are a normal part of their patina attesting to their age and extensive use.  We examine each piece carefully when we receive it and report any damage we find in our listings.  Please look carefully at the pictures which may also reveal condition and damage.
Damage/Repair loose threads, beads missing, holes, horn repaired with glue, slightly bent, traces of glue on beads

Pende Chief's Beaded Crown, Misango, African


Additional Information: An exquisite piece, glass beads over woven grass. This is a beautiful Pende Beaded chief's crown well done. The crown shows some loose threads, one horn missing, and a few beads missing. The symmetry of the designs indicates that the piece was made by a master artist. It takes months to realized such work.

Pende's crowns, called Misango, are insignias of title, and nobility. The Pende, Lunda, Yaka, and a few other groups influenced by the Lunda use this king of crown.The original form is based on the Old Lunda models, as the earliest collected examples came from the Lunda, and the style passed on to all the neighboring people under Lunda influence.

The horns are supposed to recall the horns of the buffalo, which is a chiefly male symbol of power. Beads are mainly used to decorate chief’s hats and scepters like this one. Other prestigious objects such as this wand or scepter were also decorated with beads. They were used by the political leaders and are worn or carried as emblem of authority, badges of office and insignia of rank. Priests and diviners will also use this special scepter while performing their ritual duties. Scepters are said to embody powerful spirits.

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