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Senufo Brass Mask Kneeling Figure Ivory Coast African Art

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Title Senufo Brass Mask Kneeling Figure Ivory Coast African Art
Type of Object Brass mask
Country of Origin Ivory Coast
People Senufo
Materials Brass / Copper Alloy
Approximate Age Unknown
Dimensions Height: 11.5 Inches
Width: 6 Inches
Overall Condition fair to good
Damage/Repair Some oxidation, minor casting flaws. dents and scratches

Additional Information:  A superb Senufo cast brass mask with a kneeling figure on top!

Cast in bronze or brass by the Senufo brass casters guild known as Kpeene, this Kodoli-yehe mask combines elements of Senufo mythology and culturally known symbols. The horns are those of the powerful buffalo important to Poro initiates. The small legs below the chin symbolize the hornbill bird, one of the Senufo primordial creatures and the first to be hunted by men. The heart-shaped face and protruding lips are well known style elements of Senufo sculpture. The Senufo are a large dispersed population living primarily in Ivory Coast and Mali insmall self-administered villages who support themselves primarily as farmers. Though generally autonomous, the villages are joined through a shared mens secret society known as Poro or Pondo that is responsible for the initiation of young boys and men into different levels of society. Women have their counterpart to Poro in their divination society known as Sando. Among the Senufo people, funerary ceremonies serve as a primary occasion for the appearance of art. It is during the funerals of senior members of the Poro society and woman's Tykpe society that masked dancers celebrate the life of the deceased and honor them as new ancestors. Complexly sculpted masks in wood or cast in bronze or brass known as Kodoli-yehe masks are worn and danced by the young blacksmith initiates into Poro during funerals.