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Xhosa Beaded Anklet Ornament South African Art

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Title Xhosa Beaded Anklet Ornament South African Art
Type of Object Beadwork, Anklet
Country of Origin South Africa 
People Xhosa
Materials Bead, string, buttons
Approximate Age 1960s -1970s
Dimensions L. 13 inches
Overall Condition Poor    
Damage/Repair Missing beads and buttons. Unable to clasp without repair.

Additional Information: A fine Xhosa beaded anklet decoration in red, white, blue, and black colors. 

In no other part of sub-Saharan Africa have artists produced a more highly diversified assortment of artistic beadwork than in the southern region. All the major ethnic groups of South Africa have a very long tradition of beadworks. They show a high degree of professionalism in jewelry and decorative art using beads as the central medium. This anklet comes from the Xhosa speaking people of the Eastern Cape region of South Africa.It was worn around the leg by both men and women as part of their ceremonial attires.

The traditional function of the beads in this culture goes behind the simple fact that they embellish the objects. In early times, beads were used as currencies and as valuable items for exchange and compensation. In Xhosa villages, today, beadworks continue to be seen as prestigious Objects. Xhosa beadworks testify to the great pride their makers took in producing objects of quality.

Recommended Reading: 

EZAKWANTU. Beadwork from the Eastern Cape. 31 October 1993-29 May 1994. South African National Gallery.