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Tonga Binga Basket Zimbabwe African Art 22 Inch

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Title Tonga Binga Basket Zimbabwe African Art 22 Inch
Type of Object Winnowing basket
Country of Origin Zimbabwe
People Tonga / Binga
Materials Vegetal fibers
Approximate Age Contemporary
Dimensions Width: 22 Inches
Depth: 3.5 Inches
Overall Condition Fair


Additional Information: These solid-edged baskets are the apex of the basketmaker's art in Zimbabwe.  The baskets start as a woven square and end up almost perfectly round.  The pattern on the edging is referred to as “snake’s belly”, as the pattern resembles the scales of a serpent.  The design is very functional, as the baskets are used to winnow grain even today.  The baskets are sometimes called “grandmother baskets” because few younger women are making them. 

 For more information on these baskets, see Marjorie Locke's THE DOVE'S FOOTPRINTS-BASKETRY PATTERNS IN MATABELELAND.