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Turkomen Bead Silver Metal Hollow Loose

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Title Turkomen Bead Silver Metal Hollow Loose
Other Names Beads
Type of Object silver metal, unknown metal content
People Turkomen
Made In Afghanistan, Turkmenistan
Traded In Afghanistan
Approximate Age Late 19th-Early 20th Century
Overall Condition Poor.. Some of our beads have traveled at least three continents, and have graced numerous owners. Small chips, corrosion, and pitting are a normal part of their patina attesting to their age and extensive use.
Damage/Repair Tarnishing and general wear. Worn designs and oxidation.
Bead Size 30 mm diameter, 58 mm p-p. See picture with penny for size comparison. US penny is 19 mm diameter.

Additional Informatin: The Turkomen live to the east of the Caspian Sea, around the Kara Kum Desert, and along the borders of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

Turkomen beads and pendants are striking examples of a unique cultural tradition. Produced by the Turkomen people of Central Asia, these beautiful silver pieces feature design elements such as chasing and engraving that are then fire-gilded with gold. Many are further enhanced with the use of gemstones such as turquoise, carnelian and more. A century ago these pieces, in the form of headdresses, breastplates, pendants and beads, would have been worn at weddings and during the first years of marriage by Turkomen women. In fact, they would have composed a significant portion of the bride’s dowry. The quality and amount of the jewelry one owned represented wealth and status, and because the Turkomen are nomadic, they were able to travel carrying their wealth with them. Turkomen jewelry pieces often functioned as amulets and talismans. The blue beads were protection against the “evil eye.” Carnelian was associated with fertility, blood and life.

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