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Collecting in America: The Sabates African Art Collection Book

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Title Collecting in America: The Sabates African Art Collection Book
Author Roland Sabates
Copyright Date 2019
Number of Pages 192
Overall Condition New
ISBN 978-0-578-48025-1
Format Paperback
Language English

An extraordinary book on African Art...with an Africa Direct connection

Roland Sabates has amassed an extraordinary collection of African art, which is on exhibit at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of art in St. Joseph, Missouri, and is magnificently displayed in his book Collecting in America: The Sabates African Art Collection, which will be available next month at Africa Direct, Drop us an email to reserve a copy.
Sabates is an opthamologist, restauranteur, and serial entrepreneur. He is also a long-time customer of Africa Direct, and many of the pieces in the book and the exhibit came from us.
Dr. Brett Knappe's foreward beautifully describes the collection as being "personal, private, and...developed from a place of passion." A wonderful description of any great collection!
The collection is far-ranging and includes textiles, costumes, weapons, divination pieces, and masks and carvings from most of sub-Saharan Africa. It is a superb example of a collection which can be created over time by someone who develops a discerning eye and delights in visual beauty.

(Paperback, 192 pages)