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Bamana Female Figure Jonyele Mali African Art 28 Inch

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Title Bamana Female Figure Jonyele Mali African Art 28 Inch
Type of Object Carving, Figure, Statue, Sculpture
Country of Origin Mali
People Bamana
Materials Wood
Approximate Age 20th century
Height (in) 28
Width (in) 7
Depth (in) 6
Dimensions Height: 28 Inches
Width: 7 Inches
Depth: 6 Inches
Overall Condition Fair
Damage/Repair Cracks, chips and a well worn patina

Additionbal Information:  This is a classic Bamana Figure from the Bougouni region of Mali.

The extraordinary range of figural sculpture among the Bamana of Mali gives rise to a wide range of styles sharing certain identifying characteristics.  Sculpture is an important visual component of the Jo initiation society for young girls and boys. Located primarily among the southern Bamana, Jo takes place over a span of years in which the initiates undergo training and instructions which includes the use of sculpture called masiriw - the visual ornaments of Jo. As part of annual celebrations that take place when the first rains of the year occur figures such as this would be taken from their shrine house to the center of the village where they would be ritually cleansed and decorated with beads. These events were directed to assure the fertility of women and crops and to acknowledge the ancestors.