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Chokwe Seated Male with Cup Figure Angola African Art 20 Inch

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Title Chokwe Seated Male with Cup Figure Angola African Art 20 Inch
Type of Object Carving, figure.
Country of Origin Angola, Zambia, Congo
People Chokwe
Materials wood
Approximate Age mid 20th Century
Height (in) 20.5
Width (in) 10
Depth (in) 9
Dimensions Height: 20.5 Inches
Width: 10 Inches
Depth: 9 Inches
24.5 inches tall on base; base is 11.5 inches square
Overall Condition fair to good
Damage/Repair cracks, chips, scrapes

Additional Information: A man wears a hat and sits with a cup in his left hand. The right hand is carved to hold a tool or weapon. The face displays scarification that's consistent with Chokwe motifs. The carving is attached to a finished wooden base and is ready for immediate display.

The Chokwe share stylistic elements with a number of distinct but related peoples in Angola and the Congo. The most prominent of these peoples are the Chokwe but also includes the Ovimbundu, Lunda, Lwena, Luvala, Minungu, Mbwela, Songo and Imbangala. This is an area that has shared stylistic elements and figural forms based upon common mythologies and ritual practices possibly showing influences of Tabwa or Luba sculptural styles. Figures such as this could be found among a number of these groups and at the same time she may indeed not come from this large constellation of differing peoples but from a neighboring group influenced by them.