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Dogon Kneeling Figure Mali African Art

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Title Dogon Kneeling Figure Mali African Art
Type of Object Figure, Carving
Country of Origin Mali
People Dogon
Materials Wood, encrusted materials
Approximate Age Mid 20th Century
Dimensions Height: 13.5 Inches
Width: 3.5 Inches
Depth: 3 Inches
Overall Condition Good to Fair.
Damage/Repair Cracks

Additional Information: Beyond the obvious, the exact use of the piece cannot be known for sure. The Dogon use kneeling figures of nebulous sexuality for a variety of purposes, from effigies of their mythological founders, the "nommo," to ancestor figures, and shrine figures to promote success in childbirth or the harvest . The Dogon, numbering about 250,000, are one of most fascinating cultures in the world. They fled from the Mossi into southern Mali during the 15th century, settling on a breathtaking but remote plateau, known as the Bandiagara Cliffs. This isolation allowed their art to remain stylistically very pure, and as a result they have become a laboratory of sorts for ethnologists. They are a warm and hospitable people as well, much to the relief of all the scholars and journalists who have intruded upon them. Though they occasionally perform dances for the public, there are a limited number of art forms which they reveal, choosing to keep most of their rituals close to their hearts, and away from the cameras. Dogon beliefs and mythology are so complex that it takes a "griot" up to a week to recite them.