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Luba Bowl Bearer Figure Congo African Art 39 Inch

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Title Luba Bowl Bearer Figure Congo African Art 39 Inch
Type of Object Memorial Figure
Country of Origin Democratic Republic of Congo
People Luba
Materials Wood
Approximate Age 20th Century
Height (in) 39
Width (in) 10
Depth (in) 10.5
Dimensions Height: 39 Inches
Width: 10 Inches
Depth: 10.5 Inches
Overall Condition fair
Damage/Repair large crack in side of head repaired and stable. scuffs, cracks, and chips in the surface

Additional Information: A large Luba kneeling female figure holding a bowl in her hands. The figure is well-carved with a unique face for a Hemba statue, but the deep and profound cross shape in the back of the coiffure suggests it is indeed of Hemba hands.

The most common of the ancestor figures are called "singitis" . Much rarer are the warrior figures, like the stunning example presented here. The "Fumu Mwalo" would consult these warrior figures, and also make blood sacrifices to them, pouringthe blood--usually from a chicken-- over the statue. This would result in a thick, encrusted patinaThe Hemba number around 80,000 and live on the right bank of the Lualaba River west of Lake Tanganyika. They have been heavily influenced by their neighbors to the south, the Luba. It iso nly in the last quarter century that their art has been identified as distinct from that of the Luba. Thus, many masterpieces in museums and famous collections have had to be reclassified.The Hemba are divided into large clans headed by a hereditary leader known as the "Fumu Mwalo," who administers justice and watches over the ancestor figures.

For more information on the Hemba, as well as a picture of a rare warrior figure, see Neyt F,. La Grande Statuaire Hemba du Zaire., Louvain-La-Neuve