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Lobi Pregnant Female Miniature African Art

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Title Lobi Pregnant Female Miniature African Art
Type of Object Carving, Statue, Sculpture
Country of Origin Burkina Faso, Ghana
People Lobi
Materials wood, pigment
Approximate Age early 20th century
Height (in) 9.5
Width (in) 2.5
Depth (in) 2.25
Dimensions Height: 9.5 Inches
Width: 2.5 Inches
Depth: 2.25 Inches
Overall Condition fair
Damage/Repair one broken foot; figure does not stand. scraped pigments. one ear cracked and repaired

Additional information: The Lobi people, who live in Burkina Faso and Ghana, revere spirits known as Thil, and build shrines to them, which are filled with figures like this one. These figures, known as Bateba, are believed to embody the Thil spirits. The Bateba are looked upon as living beings charged with special powers who move, fight against witches, and have intercourse with each other. The Lobi believe that the Bateba are superior to humans, but inferior to the Thil spirits, so the Bateba is first activated by putting it in a Thil shrine. The Bateba keep sorcerers away, and help the Thil ward off misfortune. They also play a role in the divination system. (See AFRICAN MASTERPIECES FROM MUNICH-The Stratlisches Museum fur Volkerkunde.) For a superb collection of Lobi figures, see LOBI SKULPTUREN AUS DER KOLLECTION KATSOUROS.