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2 Bracelets Basketry Swazi Sisal Woven Africa

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Title 2 Bracelets Basketry Swazi Sisal Woven Africa
Type of Object bracelets
Country of Origin Swaziland
People Swazi
Materials Sisal grass
Approximate Age Contemporary
Dimensions approx. 2.75-3 inch diameter. See picture with penny for size comparison.
Overall Condition Good

Additional Information: Swazi baskets are made from sisal, which is an invasive weed. Sisal is used in Swaziland to make cattle fences. Because it is a weed, it is ideal for craft production since harvesting does not threaten the country's natural biodiversity. In making sisal baskets, tableware and jewelry, every step is carried out by hand since machine-prepared sisal yields inferior results. Before sisal is ready for making Swazi baskets, the fibers must be stripped, cleaned, and spun by hand. The weaving of the products is also a labor intensive task; it takes approximately 15 hours to spin the fine yarn for an 18cm diameter Swazi basket and the same time again to complete the weaving.

Adapted from African Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century: Their Stories of Success by David Fick