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Kuchi Romany Earrings Afghani Silver Hoop Earrings Glass Inlays

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Materials Unknown metal-Pot metal alloy called gillet, glass, wax
Made In Afghanistan
Approximate Age Mid 20th century
Overall Condition Fair to good.
Damage/Repair Slight tarnishing, dents, and general wear. Some glass inlays are missing.
People Kuchi
Object Size 3-4 inch diameter, 2 mm thick wire. See picture with penny for size comparison. U.S. penny is 19mm in diameter.
Brand Unbranded
Style Statement
Type Earring

Photo is an example, your item will be similar. Slight variations in patterns and some jewels are different colors than what is pictured.

Additional information: Tim McGirk wrote in Time Magazine," In Kandahar province, not all women wear burqas. The Kuchi nomad women never do. They are fiercely independent, usually wreathed in silver necklaces and dressed in spangling embroidery, and they stare boldly back from atop their camels when you cross them on the roads. It's their custom to go unveiled, and because the Taliban Vice and Virtue Police usually stay in the towns, and the Kuchis have ferocious dogs and even more ferocious husbands, these nomad women are left alone."