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Mbole Copper Anklet Currency Congo African Art

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Title Mbole Copper Anklet Currency Congo African Art
Type of Object Anklet/currency
Country of Origin DR Congo
People Mbole
Materials Copper alloy
Approximate Age Probably Mid 20th centuryor earlier
Dimensions 6 inches W. x 3.75 inches H. x 3.5 inches Interior Diam.
Overall Condition Poor to Fair.
Damage/Repair cracked, holes and dents, signs of oxidation

Mbole Copper Anklet Currency HUGE DR Congo African

Additional information: The Mbole, a group of about 150,000 people in Southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) made ankle currency bracelets of copper which were used for major transactions. Some of the largest jewelry forms known in sub-Saharan Africa are found among the Mbole people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Worn by both men and women these large rounded anklets were offered by the husband to his wife to be a part of the marriage contract. The anklets come in two sizes the larger known as Ehuke and the smaller Diako. These anklets were forged and hammered from a single copper ingot.

Recommended Reading: See an example in Schaedler's EARTH AND ORE-2500 YEARS OF AFRICAN ART IN TERRA COTTA AND METAL.