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Dogon Primordial Couple Seated with Children Mali African Art

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Title Dogon Primordial Couple Seated with Children Mali Africa
Type of Object Statue
Country of Origin Mali
People Dogon
Materials Wood
Approximate Age Mid 20th century
Dimensions 20.5 inches tall x 9.5 inches wide x 6.25 inches deep
Overall Condition Fair. Most of our pieces have spent decades on at least two continents, and have been treasured by several owners.   Small splits, scrapes and cracks are a normal part of their patina attesting to their age and extensive use.  We examine each piece carefully when we receive it and report any damage we find in our listings.  Please look carefully at the pictures which may also reveal condition and damage.
Damage/Repair worn surfaces, many cracks. one arm broken (see image). scraped patina, dirt and general wear


Additional Information:

An example of a Dogon "Primordial Couple," one of the most familiar images from the Dogon pantheon. The Couple is sitting on a shared stool supported by several small carved people.  The female figure has a child attached to her back.  Both she and her mate display geometric scarification patterns on the face, torso, and arms.  

The Dogon, a complex and spiritual people, have a blithering array of ritual art objects. Though they have been studied by scholars for many years, the use and naming of these artworks remains elusive. There are close to 100 different wooden masks, countless figural statuary sizes and forms, and innumerable smaller objects, from door locks, to metal castings, to jewelry, to items that defy meaningful classification. Most of these artworks are associated with the staggering number of Dogon ceremonies and festivals, which are mostly off-limits to outsiders.

The primordial couple is a common theme in Dogon art. It reflects the Dogon  view of the necessary relationship between men and women to insure continuity and life. This couple also demonstrates the importance of the male-female duality so prominent in Dogon creation myths in the pairing of the primordial ancestors, present day family life, as well as the ancestors from whom they descended.

Recommended Reading: See Laude's DOGON.