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Grebo Spoon Dan with Horns and Two Heads African Art

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Title Grebo Spoon Dan with Horns and Two Heads African Art
Type of Object ceremonial spoon ladle
Country of Origin Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire
People Grebo, see also Dan
Materials Wood, pigment, brass studs
Approximate Age second half Twentieth century
Dimensions 21.5 inches H. x 8 inches W.
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair general wear, shallow crack, chips


Additional Information: A  large and beautiful Grebo  wooden ladle  with handle made of two heads and horns decorated with brass studs. Such spoons are found among several cultures from West Africa. But the Grebo excel in the carving  of Janus or two heads on their spoons. The Grebo and Dan are best known for elaborate ladles used by women in special ceremonies .

Among the Dan, figural Spoons such as this were awarded to women known as wunkirile who had been judged by their peers and elders of their village to be the most generous and hospitable to others of their village quarter. Spoon shaped carvings such as this are best described as feast ladles used by their owner to offer food to others during public feasts. Known as 'wunkirmian' these spoons identify their owner as a woman of the Dan people. A human head or a female figure that decorated the spoons are seen as the personification of positive attributes of women among the Dan people.

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