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Idoma Igala Headpiece Nigeria African Art

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Title Idoma Igala Headpiece Nigeria African Art
Type of Object Mask
Country of Origin Nigeria
People Idoma or Igala
Materials Wood, pigment
Approximate Age second half 20th century
Dimensions 12.5 inches Tall x 6.75 inches W.
Overall Condition Fair to Good
Damage/Repair cracks in head and in base, scratches and chips in places

Additional Information: This well carved headpiece mask with a crest-hairstyle o top, ad face painted in white!

The face  shows an open toothy mouth prominent eyes and a fine nose.This headpiece is attributed to the Idoma or Igala people who live at the confluence of the Niger and Benue Rivers in Nigeria. IIt could also come from the Eket/ Ikoi who make the same type of masks. The confluence of Niger and Benue Rivers is an area of shared art styles and social and religious traditions with a strong stylistic influence coming from the neighboring Igbo or Igala people. Among these people, headpieces such as this were used as dance masks to pay respect to elders at funerals.

This is an excellent example of Idoma or Igala headcrest with an authentic expression of the face found among the Idoma and Igala. The headpiece was repainted several time. Traces of different pigments can be seen on the surface. It shows sign of use and would stand out in a collection.

I have examined this piece and agree with the description

Niangi Batulukisi, Ph.D.