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Ndebele Beaded Anklet Wide Ring South Africa 6 Inch

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Title Ndebele Beaded Anklet Wide Ring South Africa 6 Inch
Type of Object Collar or Neck piece
Country of Origin South Africa
People Ndebele
Materials Beads, cotton, unknown core material
Approximate Age 20th century
Dimensions 6.25 inches outer diameter, 4.25 inches inner diameter. 3 inches thick
Overall Condition good
Damage/Repair some gaps in beads

Additional Information: A anklet in the form of a circular ring nicely decorated with tiny glass beads in vibrant colors. Such beadwork is worn around the ankle of married women as parts of their ceremonial attire. The collar is in very good condition and can still be worn.

The Ndebele of South Africa are superb bead workers. The women used to wear brass rings around their neck and legs. A few still do, but most now have gold plastic replicas with Velcro, worn on ceremonial occasions. They wear aprons which are heavily beaded with glass beads, in geometric designs similar to those used to paint their houses. They wear beaded blankets like large shawls, and beadwork on their arms, ankles, and heads.. For similar examples and much more information, see Courtney-Clarke's NDEBELE.