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Kotoko Brass Horseman Figurine Warrior Chad African Art

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Title Kotoko Brass Horseman Figurine Warrior Chad African Art
Type of Object Brass figure
Country of Origin Chad
People Kotoko
Materials Brass
Approximate Age Unknown
Dimensions Height: 1.75 inches Inches
Width: 1.5 inches Inches
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair General wear, some oxidation on surface

Additional Information:  The Kotoko were inheritors of an ancient people known as the Sao who lived in the southern Lake Chad region as early as the fifth century B.C. Under external pressures the Sao through time moved into northwest present day Cameroon settling in the hilly region where the present day Kotoko claim them as ancestors. Taking up traditions of other immigrant peoples into their areas the Sao buried their dead in large urns, a practice seen across a wide region stretching from the Niger river through Chad, Niger, Nigeria and to the northern regions of Cameroon. Small mounted figures cast in bronze were made as funerary offerings or memorials. Mounted warriors rode horses, sometimes elephants, camels and other unknown and imaginative animals. Often there were two riders mounted on a single animal. The horses often had elaborate trappings of harness and saddle and the riders were portrayed wearing detailed headdresses, costumes and jewelry. This is a small scale and plain example of this very old tradition.

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