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Lobi Female Shrine Figure Burkina African Art 46 inch

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Title Lobi Female Shrine Figure Burkina African Art 46 inch
Type of Object Shrine Piece
Country of Origin Burkina Fasp
People Lobi
Materials Wood
Approximate Age second half 20th century
Dimensions 46 inches H. x 7 inches W.
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair shallow cracks and chips in places, hole in the back, old insect damage arrested in feet


Additional Information: A large  example of  Lobi statuary, with a timeless surface. The face is pure folk-art magic. It would be tough to find a more prototypical example. Undoubtedly an important piece to the village, it would have held a special place in the shrine. The Lobi, who live in Burkina Faso and Ghana, revere spirits known as Thil, and build a variety of shrines dedicated to them. The "bateba," which range in size from four to twenty inches, are believed to embody the Thil spirits. They are looked upon as living beings, charged with special powers, who move, fight against witches, and have intercourse with each other. They are a link between the villagers and the Thil, and thus are essential to the harmony of the village. Lobi art, crude and earthy, yet profound in its own way, has gained increasing popularity among collectors. As the Lobi have always known, refinement and decoration are not required to stir the heavens, or move one's soul.

Recommended Reading: See AFRICAN ART: ITS BACKGROUND AND TRADITIONS, by Wassing.


I have xamined this piece and agree with the description.
Niangi Batulukisi, PhD.