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Luba Female Statue Presenting Breasts Congo African Art

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Title Luba Female Statue Presenting Breasts Congo Africa
Type of Object Carving, statue
Country of Origin Democratic Republic of Congo
People Luba
Materials Wood
Approximate Age second half 20th century
Dimensions 18 inches tall x 6.25 inches wide x 6.25 inches deep
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair chipped in several places. shallow cracks, scrapes and general wear

Additional Information: This standing female figure with Luba typical hairstyle and scarification on the abdomen demonstrates the respect and importance that Luba artists lavish on women. Though the vital role of women in any society is obvious, the sculptural and ritual emphasis placed upon them by the Luba is not completely understood. According to Neyt's superb book, LUBA, "The representation of women is omnipresent in Luba art. It is through woman that the ancestor reveals himself anew in the child"

Such figures were kept in personal and family shrine. It is thought, however, that the artisitic dominance of the female form originated somewhere in Luba mythology. The world's greatest museums and private collections are filled with Luba sculpture, as the beauty of some of their finest pieces transcends those of almost any other African culture. For such a small group, their impact on the art world has been extraordinary.

Luba art is complex. It is difficult to speak of a single Luba style with certainty and factuality. It is a means to group a number of similar styles under the name Luba while recognizing the numerous sub-styles of Luba art. Among the Luba figures were identified with royal lineages, served in divination or were emblems of powerful secret societies. Sculpted figures with prominent breasts constitute a kind of unspoken Luba code for women are thought to hold special powers and those powers are located in their bodies. Female figures  reflect the prominent role women held in Luba society whether in politics or in matters spiritual and are recalled in Luba oral history. Couples such as this Janus are acknowledged as reincarnations of the first  Luba ancestors whose spirit continues to guide the living.

Recommended Reading:Roberts, M. A. & A. F. Roberts; Memory: Luba Art and the Making of Memory. 1996