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Bamana or Marka Janus Mask on Custom Base Mali Africa

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Title Bamana or Marka Janus Mask on Custom Base Mali Africa
Country of Origin Mali
People Bamana or Marka
Materials Wood
Approximate Age Mid 20th Century
Height (in) 13
Width (in) 9.75
Depth (in) 14
Dimensions Height: 13 Inches
Width: 9.75 Inches
Depth: 14 Inches
24 inches tall on stand. base is 6.75 x 8.25 inches
Overall Condition poor.
Damage/Repair large holes in top of head, face. cracks, worn surface, chips and cavities

Additional Information: Taken from a particularly dense, dark wood, this mask has a unique visage. It is notably less ornate than other janus style masks from this part of Africa, which often use cowrie shells and metal sheeting as decoration. This verison has dark, rich patina and some engraved geometric details adorning the face.

Janiform masks are commonly found among the Marka, the Bamana and the Malinke. The Marka, living in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso are neighbors of the Bamana. Today they are heavily Islamised, however they often retain the use of masks and figures for ceremonies and rituals closely related to the Bamana.

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