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Bete Mask Cote d'Ivoire Custom Stand African Art

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Title Bete Mask Cote d'Ivoire Custom Stand African Art
Type of Object Mask
Country of Origin Cote d'Ivoire
People Bete
Materials Wood, metal, pigments
Approximate Age 20th century
Dimensions Height: 11 Inches
Width: 7.5 Inches
Depth: 6.5 Inches
24 inch height on stand
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair Cracks, chips and natural wood flaws

Additional Information: This dramatic mask comes from the Bete of the Ivory Coast, who live along the Sassandra River in large villages organized according to family lineages. The surface of the mask is rich and dark. Large exaggerated horns and a mustache extend outward. Metal studs add to the dramatic expression of the mask.

Like neighboring peoples such as the We or the Dan and especially the We whose influence can be seen in this mask, the Bete carve and use masks of extraordinary form and inventiveness to represent the untamed forces of nature that Bete identify as “Gle or Gre”. Facial features are sculpturally exaggerated emphasizing eyes, cheekbones, mouth, and horns in a series of expressive and powerful forms. In the past masks such as this were worn during periods of social strife and war, whereas today they are danced primarily during funerals or are present during judicial proceedings or at times will dance to simply entertain clansmen and villagers.