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Dogon Bronze Cast Mask With Custom Stand Mali African

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Title Dogon Bronze Cast Mask With Custom Stand Mali African
Type of Object Mask
Country of Origin Mali
People Dogon
Materials Bronze, wood, cotton
Approximate Age unknown
Height (in) 19 on stand. 10 w/o stand
Width (in) 7
Depth (in) 5 with stand 2.5 w/o stand
Dimensions Height: 19 on stand. 10 w/o stand Inches
Width: 7 Inches
Depth: 5 with stand 2.5 w/o stand Inches
Overall Condition Good
Damage/Repair General wear

Additional Information: A well cast brass or bronze face mask with with a finial oval face, long finial nose, half -closed eyelids and open mouth. The surface shows some oxidation. This mask does indicate the skill of the blacksmith in casting a mask out of a medium much more difficult to work than wood.

There have been a number of metal mask-like sculptures from the Bamana of Mali. There is long tradition of figurative iron, bronze and brass casting in the Western Sudan reaching back to the period of the great Empire of Mali as early as the 12th century. The age of this interestingly brass mask is undetermined but it does reflect an earlier period of bronze or brass casting. The facial features on this mask are similar to those found on wood sculptures from the Bamana. These masks are forged by blacksmiths working them into shapes that could be worn, simply carried, or kept in a ritual location. Today there is no active tradition of these masks being used. In fact as little is known aboutcast metal masks among the Baule, Bamana, Dogon, Senufo or any other Western Sudanic groups it would be conjecture to assert more than this at this time.

I have examined this piece and agree with the description.
Niangi Batulukisi, PhD.