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Tuareg Fringed Leather Tent Hanging Mali African Art

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Title Tuareg Fringed Leather Tent Hanging Mali African Art
Type of Object Leatherwork
Country of Origin Niger or Mali
People Tuareg
Materials Leather, dyes, wood,
Approximate Age 20th century
Dimensions Height: 30 Inches
Width: 22 Inches
Overall Condition Fair
Damage/Repair Cracks, chips and a well worn patina

Note the extraordinary leatherwork...Additional Information:  This colorful panel made of leather comes from the Tuareg a nomadic people living in number of countries including Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal , Burkina Faso. Tuareg people are known as tough traders who travel from  place to place to buy and sell various  products. They are also known for their wonderful jewelry and their leather works such as this leather panel.

The Tuareg use this type of panels to decorate the interior of their  tent. Such decorative leathers will hang on the wall to beautify their living space. the panel was made with colorful dyed leather strips and nicely ornamented with geometric motifs. The  work is in very good condition and still good to hang on the wall.

Further Reading:

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