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Zaramo Three Legged Stool Chair Tanzania Africa 4 Feet

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Title Zaramo Three Legged Stool Chair Tanzania Africa 4 Feet
Type of Object throne, chair
Country of Origin Tanzania
People Zaramo, Zoromo
Materials Wood
Approximate Age second half 20th Century
Dimensions Height: 48 Inches
Width: 13 Inches
Depth: 13 Inches
Overall Condition Fair to poor
Damage/Repair Many large cracks, some have been repaired, arrested bug damage, chips.

Additional Information:   The Zaramo number around 200,000 and their ancestors can be traced back at least 1000 years. While some of the Zaramo have been Islamisized, primarily as a result of slave raids in the 18th Century, many have held onto their original beliefs. The traditional Zaramo believe in a supreme being, Mulungu, who they associate with rainfall. Their ritual life revolves around the appeasement of Mulungu, and the invocation of family spirits, usually through the intervention of the ubiquitous "diviner." The Zaramo have leaders for each of their small communities, usually appointed based on their lineage and/or ownership of land. While most of their leaders are men, they do have women leaders. Due to economic hardships, which are endemic to much of Sub-Saharan Africa, many Zaramo have migrated to the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. Artistically, the Zaramo and related cultures are famous for their stylized "Mwana Hiti" dolls. They also excel in larger sculptures, primarily chairs and stools, which are rare and hold tremendous significance to village leaders.

For further information on the cultures of Tanzania, and their amazing artworks, see "A Tanzanian Tradition" published in 1989 by the L. Kahan Gallery, NYC.